Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD)

(UMPD) will cover damage’s to your auto, up to the limits of liability. If the at-fault driver had no insurance or not enough to cover your vehicles damage this coverage would step in to cover the gap. The deductible for using this type of coverage would be 300 on a hit and run and 100 dollars if the insurance company as some one they can subrogate.


Your driving down the street and a drunk driver runs a red light and an accident occurs every witness on sene colaborates the story with uninsured motorist you would not have to care if the other driver had insurance because your insurance company would cover the bills up to your policy limits. If the other driver had insurance then that may be an added bonus because if your medical bills went over his policy limits then the underinsured limits would go on top of what he had to cover the gap up to your policy limits.