Peronal Injury Insurance

Personal Injury Protection

Pays for the cost of medical payments associated with an auto accident regardless of who is at fault this will pay each person in your vehicle that was involved in the accident up to your policy limits. In the state of Washington all residents must be offer at least 10,000 dollars of coverage, it is not mandatory that you take it but if you deny this coverage you must waive this coverage by signing a PIP waiver form. Most companies in Washington will offer you higher limits. The limits available differ from evey company 35,000 and 50,000 are available. Personal injury protection will also pay for loss of income , and services needed in your home if you are not able to perform such jobs, and Funeral expenses.

Say Jim drove his car to the store on his way to the store he hit a deer and ran of the road “yes Jim lives in the wilderness”. Jim was taken by the ambulance and treated for severe neck injuries. A couple weeks later while resting at home after making a full recovery Jim gets an ambulance bill, ER bill, doctor bill, and chiropractor bill of wich add up to 30,000 dollars Jim is off work so he as no health insurance. Jim worries claps his hands really hard and says like a good neighbor and nothing happens. Jim then picks up the phone and calls his favorite agent me and asks do I have coverage to cover these bills? We look over his policy and I explain the coverage to him ones again fortunate for Jim when we started his policy I had explained each coverage and he was able to make informed decision he choose to carry 35000 in PIP.