Whole Life

When it comes to conventional permanent life insurance plan, both the mortality benefit and the premium are created to stay exactly the same level through the entire life of the policy. Permanent life insurance plan like term may also provide a basic base upon which it is possible to build ones family’s economical long term future. Permanent insurance plan also builds income benefits through the lifetime of the insurance plan. The amount at which profit gathers up between policies ranges widely between companies, a number of company’s promise a baseline %. The amount of money value that will accumulate in the insurance plan can be borrowed during your life of the insurance plan to finance necessities say for example child’s schooling or maybe a new property. Personal loans against the insurance plan accumulate interest and greatly reduce the amount of money and mortality benefit by the amount of the loan and interest. It is a system that could be tailored to pay ones family’s different necessities. Whole life insurance protection lets you protect yourself and your family. It can also be useful for giving purposes, pay estate taxes, or as a benefit to help a business financial future. Permanent life insurance coverage may be tailored to your specified needs it can cover the lives of two with a simple rider. For more information on how you can get a permanent life policy call your agent at 425-264-6576.

Highlights of a Whole life policy include:

  1. A level premium guaranteed to never  increase
  2. A guaranteed mortality benefits
  3. Tax deferred cash value accumulation
  4. The ability to borrow from the cash accumulation on a tax free basis