Life Insurance Agent

Life insurance agent As a life insurance agent we have many companies to choose from.  The company’s we use for life insurance are preferred companies. What that means for you is regardless if you smoke have some health issues or are in perfect health we have a company for your life style. Our rates are very competitive most people who get a quote from us will get a policy with in the first year. People like to deal with a local life insurance agent that can explain in detail the plans that are available. Dealing with a local agent is a top priority for most people. As a life insurance agent we will look at your needs and find the best company for you. We will find the company that offers the policy you need at the price you want.  As an independent we work to make sure you are well taken care of and that you understand your policy.

Work with a life insurance agent

Has an independent agent we can sample for a broader range of available coverage’s and put together the best policy for your specific life needs. The companies we use are all rated financially strong by A.M Best.  These company’s we use have great claims handling centers that are ready to assist our customers. Once we have found the policy that is right for you we will provide you with the best customer service. We will work to make sure you are well taken care. Each year  we will sit down with you to evaluate your life changing needs, we will check to see if any of our other companies have a better rate for you. Not only can we save you money on your auto insurance we can also save money on your  life insurance. Since we have so many companies we can find you the best rate.  As independent insurance agent we have the customers best interest at heart. We will not only be your agent but your friend. When you choose Pacific Northwest Insurance Agency  know that there will always be someone to help you with problems or just be there for a good conversation. Call us for a free quote at  425-264-6576 or fill out our online form for an easy life quote.