How to get affordable home insurance

We will cover a few key elements to find affordable home insurance. First we must know, what drives home rates? Home rates are driven by many factors;  the 1st one we will cover is credit. Believe it or not Credit makes up for a big part in your home rate. If someone as good credit they can be looking to pay $100 – $500 less than someone with bad credit. One thing to remember is that everyone as a credit score, your husband or wife may have a better score than yourself using that to your advantage can help you find affordable home insurance. The 2nd factor that will drive home coverage rates is the amount of dwelling coverage. You can calculate the amount of property coverage you need or we can calculate that for you. We have included a calculator at the bottom of the page to help you find the dwelling amount. The average reconstruction cost of a house in the Seattle metro area varies between 150 to 200 dollars a sq foot for a 4 to 6 corner standard quality house. It is worth mentioning that every company as a sweet spot as far as the market they are targeting. While some companies may offer great pricing for high end houses others may choose to target small lower value homes. Regardless of what you need we have the company to help insure your home. The 3rd factor that drives home rates is claims, if your current agent hasn’t already told you, refrain from using your home insurance for small claims. In the long run filling a small claim will cost you a lot more than taking care of it yourself.  The 4th factor that drives home rates is the age of the home if your home is older than 30 years and has been updated recently make sure you’re agent or company knows about it. The 5th and last factor is the deductible you choose, ask your bank what is the highest deductible you can carry. The deductible is the out of pocket amount you will pay when there is a claim.

What does Affordable Home insurance Cover

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect against various types of damages.  Just like expensive home coverage, affordable home insurance can also cover the same things. The most crucial points to consider whenever buying homeowners insurance is knowing you are working with an experience agent that is able to provide the best home policy and the best companies available. At Pacific Northwest Insurance Agency we have many companies that give rates. Having all those companies gives us a great advantage  over online companies. Affordable home insurance if selected properly will protect you against unfortunate occurrences brought on by Blowing wind, Hail, Falling aircraft, Fire, Theft, Riots, Explosion, Lightning, Vehicle damage, Smoke damage, Vandalism or malicious mischief, and many more. Homeowners insurance does not include catastrophes such as floods, earthquakes, and volcanoes but can be purchased as an endorsement to a policy or on a policy all on its own.